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Workshops and Classes

These are a few tips and guidelines for running workshops and classes at the Electron Club.

Make sure you book the room on the web calendar. This is important for a number of reasons but primarily to prevent clashes with other activities and let the public know about the workshop. For information on how to use the calendar see the [[howto:calendar|calendar guide]]. Please populate the calendar with sensible data which others will be able to understand. Once a booking is made these details are automatically sent to the members discussion list.

Notify the CCA staff. On the first night of the workshop introduce yourself to the people at the front desk and let them know that a workshop is on, and if it is a regular one how often it will be running. This way they will get to know your face and also the people taking part in it.

Using the space. Ask for the key at CCA reception. Your name will be checked against the members list, you should be asked to provide some form of ID to prove you are who you claim to be. CCA reception require you to sign the key in and out. Once your event is finished the room should be left in a fit state (see below) and the door locked. The key should be handed back to CCA reception. Do no pass the key on to someone else.

Be aware of other people using the space. The Electron Club is generally an open space, so there may be other activities on or people working on their own projects during the same time as your workshop. If you need to have quiet or a focused group with no disturbances then it is OK to ask people to either work quietly or leave the room whilst your workshop is on. Make sure you let people know when you will be finished, if you are meeting regularly let them know which days you are normally there.

Keep the room tidy. Leave it either in the same state or cleaner than when you came in. Make sure any cups and glasses are washed and returned to where they came from.

Turn things off when you're done. Unless something has a sign saying 'Please do not turn off', you should switch if off when you leave.

Do not leave valuables in the room. Whilst the area where the Electron Club is in has a door with an automatic lock, if you or your workshop participants have valuables these should generally not be left in the room. If you have the key you can lock stuff in for short breaks but do not leave anything overnight or for longer periods. Anything that is lost will be the responsibility of the person leaving it there.

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