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Engineer Aid

EngineerAid is an international development charity, working to provide remote solutions to engineering and technology problems in the less economically developed countries by providing a platform to engineers to collaborate and solve problems.

EngineerAid provides remote engineering solutions to social development projects within the economically developing countries through the use of the Internet as a medium of communication and a knowledge transfer system.

The solutions are provided by professional volunteer engineers working within public and private sector companies around the world who regularly volunteer small amounts of their time. We put projects in touch with over 250 specialist engineers (each with an average work experience of 10 years), amounting to a commitment of 474 hours of engineering support per month, the equivalent of £569,000 per annum of engineering resource (at an average UK market value of £100 per hour)

Providing technological support has an immediate impact on the quality of life of our target groups, due to EngineerAid's focus on providing them with expertise available in the developed world and aiming to bring them at par with standards and innovations that are in-use but presently unavailable to them.

We aim to provide a service with open access, giving simple, direct and timely advice required at any stage of infrastructure building in developing countries, working independently and in collaboration with other NGOs

During 2007 and 2008 the Electron Club supported workshops in which online services for Engineer aid were developed.


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