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City Strolls

Confused and bewildered by what goes on around you? Well join the gang your not alone. CITY STROLLS is a web site born out of listening to the endless hyperbole given out by faceless public relations and the advertising machines that claims to speak and act in our name on maters and decisions concerning our city and our liberty. CITY STROLLS believes, The only way to change circumstances that affect our lives is to organize community events and communications that will have an impact on these decisions.

  • If you are interested in looking at things from a different angle or perspective
  • Pursuing ideas for art; photography, architecture and critical observation
  • Share skills; ideas, on things that shape your community and environment
  • Developing an idea of what community and environment mean, within the city?
  • Or just having a chat or a stroll with like minded people - its you this site is for.


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