Nitty Gritty of the City Workshop

Description: The Critical City Movement is a recent concept that aims to bring together groups, organisations, communities and individuals to agree a comprehensive city focussed strategy.
Can Glasgow be a site for such transformative action? Can we create an economic space for people not for profit? Can we end the neo-liberal market-driven plans that have gentrified and socially cleansed parts of Glasgow with no impact on inequality and poverty?
Do we want a “world class city” or do we want a just city? Do we want a “smart city” or a healthy city? Do phrases like “circular economy” and “participatory budgeting” have meaning or do they perpetuate poverty, austerity, precarity and oppression?
There are other experiments in radical municipal movement building which can guide us. Across Glasgow, movements are fighting in specific areas – housing, transport, education, women’s rights, employment rights and more.
A social movement of existing social movements in Glasgow could bring them together without undermining existing campaigns. The aim of “Nitty Gritty of the City” is to consider what such a movement could be like and what it could achieve.
Our hope for the event is to reach a consensus on a structure for the movement, the process for building it and learning from both successes and mistakes, how it relates and amplifies existing campaigns and how it reaches all parts of the city.
Come along, speak, listen, join in and let’s see where it can take us

Organised by Solidarity Against Neoliberal Extremism
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Room: CCA - Electron Club
Start time: 13:00:00 - Sunday 17 February 2019
Duration: 4 hours
End time: 17:00:00 - Sunday 17 February 2019
Type: Internal
Created by: barry.dalgleish
Modified by: kenny.duffus
Last updated: 06:18:02 - Sunday 13 January 2019
Name of Group making the booking: SANE
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